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Computer and Electronics Recycling is an important part of being a good steward and a great American.  You may not realize that many of your electronic and computer components have some components and materials that are easily recyclable.

DLG Networks is the best place for computer recycling in Prescott. Let’s all do our part to help the environment.  Recycle your e-waste, old computers, monitors, printers and other computer accessories.

Every day, thousands of computers, monitors, and electronic goods are dropped off at your local dump.   Many of these items contain hazardous materials, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. However, there are also recoverable materials such as metals, glass, and some plastics, which can be used again, which potentially can save the use of new resources. Stop taking these to the dump!  Call us to come get these items.

We break down these items so you don’t have to do it yourself, and it costs you nothing.

Recycle : Reuse : Reduce, Prescott Arizona!

We take great care in determining whether or not some recycle items can be reused for educational or business purposes.  By recycling your computers and electronics through DLG Networks you are providing low cost solutions for people you may never meet.

Education and Business Boosted By Your Recycling!

DLG Networks processes your old technology, breaks it down into usable materials, and creates new opportunities for educational and business growth by providing repurposed technology and computers to students and business people at low cost.

Some computers which may be too old for your particular purpose can run educational software that would change the life of a student. Why shouldn’t every student have a computer?  With these technology resources, students have access to an endless source of information and small business employee using computer - Recycle Computers Prescott AZlearning on the internet.

Likewise some businesses do not need the latest and greatest bleeding edge computers and software to run their business operations.  By recycling your technology with DLG Networks, you are making resources available at the minimum cost to small business owners and their employees.  In this difficult economy this is a huge bonus that would otherwise be a prohibitive cost and in some cases make the difference between success and failure for a small business.

This is truly good stewardship of our resources, to help one another in these hard times…or in any time!  So don’t drop your computer off at the dump! No one knows where it will end up!  We refurbish these materials and resell them at the cost of labor.  All because YOU cared enough to recycle.

Data Wipe And Destruction For Your Identity Protection

DLG Networks also offers data wipe, and data destruction services.  Your data safety is our top priority.  If you used your computer for billing, taxes, banking, personal financial information, stored passwords…

Learn more about the process of Data Wiping and Data Destruction.

DLG Networks Computer Recycling in Prescott

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